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Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens is an entrepreneur, educator, American pop singer and producer best known for his work on YouTube as an acappella cover artist. With more than 2 million subscribers, his videos have reached over half of a billion views on Facebook and YouTube since 2011. Hollens’ knowledge of the digital entertainment industry, combined with a passion for his art, have allowed the Creator Education platform to develop a meaningful and unique video course structure with the ability to teach musicians and creators how to make a living doing what they love. It prepares artists to begin pursuing their professional goals, create a personal brand, and build an online community while creating their art. 

As seen on

"Peter is at the absolute, cutting edge, forefront of the creator revolution — he is the single most savvy, knowledgeable, and technologically plugged-in creator I have ever met in my entire life. He is the real deal."

Jack Conte
CEO and Co-Founder of Patreon

"Peter Hollens has spent years building a positive successful online presence and the lessons one can learn from his experience are invaluable. After working my way through his course, I can say that I’ve come away with a new sense of direction and focus for my career and a boatload of inspiration and new ideas."

Josh Kaufman
Winner of The Voice Season 6, Creator Education Student

"Peter has cracked the code. He's a textbook example of the New Model of entrepreneurship. The Creator Education is your roadmap to take your talents and passions and turn them into a stream of income. Peter breaks complex topics down into simple and actionable steps and all the while empowers you to get out there and change your life. I've loved watching Peter fight for creators and bring many along with him, and I'm honored to call him my friend."

Graham Cochrane
Recording Revolution Curator, Music Business Guru

"As the old proverb goes, "When you reach the top, it's your duty to send the elevator back down to help the next generation." With this course, Peter Hollens is sending the elevator back down to help the next generation of creators. He has an amazing attention-to-detail and does a great job of teaching in a way that's both educational and entertaining."

Jon Youshaei
Head of Creator Product Marketing, YouTube

"If Hollens has proven one thing, it’s that the old rules of the industry don’t apply anymore. He perfectly embodies what the new music industry is shaping up to look like. He did not get a lucky break. He was not “discovered” by a record company exec in a night club or from a viral music video. He built a self-sustaining career on his own – making a fantastic living and supporting his family solely on his music."

Ari Herstand
Singer/Songwriter and Author of, "How To Make It In The New Music Business"

"I am constantly amazed at Peter’s work ethic and passion for everything he’s doing.  Ever since I’ve known Peter, he’s always been on the cutting edge of what’s new in social media and the music industry, and he’s been incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge with myself and other creators in this space.  Peter views others as collaborators, not competitors, and I think his passion and collaborative spirit make his Creator Academy an incredible resource for anyone looking to build a career in this industry."

Taylor Davis
Violinist, Arranger, and Composer with 2.2 Million Subscribers

"Peter is truly an amazing mentor to our peers, and constantly is trying to help others in our space. I know the Creator Education will help so many people realize that they too can make a living doing what they love. It is refreshing to see someone who genuinely cares to educate and help others."

Mike Tompkins
Producer, Singer, and Creator with 2.3 Million Subscribers

"The Creator Education is a great place to learn whether you are a beginner or a tried and true vet of the creation world. There is an aspect of creation and being a creator that we can all work on further, and this course offers just that."

J.R. O'Bryant
Creator Education Student

"Creator Academy is a fantastic road-map to becoming a creator. After starting to release weekly content, I quickly realized that I didn't have all the pieces to the puzzle. I became so frustrated that I wasn't even able to have fun doing what I loved to do. Peter Hollens not only shows you how to build a business, but he shows you how to build a community around YOU and what you love to do."

Jessica McCutchen
Creator Education Student

"This course is absolutely extraordinary, from the fundamentals of marketing in the modern music industry all the way to producing your content and distributing it. Peter Hollens delivers, teaching you tips and tricks as well as giving you the motivation you need to be successful. Absolutely one of the most beneficial courses I've ever taken!"

Benjamin Gofton
Creator Education Student



Peter's Patreon Page Tour

Take a little tour of the page of a top creator for an introduction to what an established Patreon page page looks like.


How to Set up Your Patreon Page

A walk thru covering the basic set-up process to more advanced tools like whether or not to choose monthly vs. per creation or to show or not to show your earnings.


Creating Your Pitch Video

Creators who have a welcome video do 70-80% better than those that do not. Which means, if you don’t have a video, you are doing this wrong.


Benefit System

When setting up your reward system, it's important to think about what recurring value you can provide to your supporters in exchange for their patronage.


Benefit Fulfillment

Learn about the most popular types of benefits and how to best automate the fulfillment process.


Milestone Goals

Learn how to set these financial checkpoints and rally your community around a common purpose which will ultimately grow your page.


Building Your Thank You Page

You must create a Thank You video. This is more important than your main intro video because once you have a patron, your goal is to keep them as part of your community for life.


Getting the word out

How to share the news with the world that you're on Patreon.


Running your patreon

The creator dashboard is an incredible asset—its full of valuable data-based insights to help you run and improve your page like a rock star.


Community Management on Patreon

Community management on Patreon is one of, if not, the most important facets for you to focus on to retain your patrons and keep them happy. Which in the end is more important than getting new patrons.


Posting on Patreon

When, how often, and how to use Patreons' native posting tool. Also proven strategies to increase engagement.


How to Grow your Creator Business

You deserve to get paid for your hard work, and the starving artist syndrome is becoming a thing of the past. Learn how to convert fans into patrons, build your fanbase one person at a time.


Integrations with Jack Conte

Sit down with Patreon founder and CEO Jack Conte as he walks you through the Patreon app store, apps you can't live without.


Summary - Go forth & rock!

Congrats, you completed the How to Master Patreon: The Membership Platform for The Creative Class. Now, what?


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