4 Ways To Improve Your Work-Life Balance

hustle Dec 08, 2017


In many industries, but in the entertainment industry specifically, it seems as though we are constantly battling the need and the desire to produce new content and satisfy our supporters. However, I quickly learned early on in my career that I simply cannot set expectations for myself that will make my home life suffer too severely. Even if a new opportunity comes along that seems amazing, if it will make you lose your sanity, it's not as good as it sounds. It's not worth it.

Don't get me wrong, I am nowhere near perfect at fostering a good work-life balance... My wife will tell you that, too! But I make efforts every day in order to do so and have learned a few things that have helped me feel accomplished in my career and in my personal life at the same time.

I don’t know if I’ll ever find the “right” balance between family and work or if that even exists, but I sure try. Here are four methods I wanted to share with you that have helped me...

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The 3 Things That Separate The People Who Succeed From The Ones Who Don't

hustle Dec 08, 2017

There are many things that separate the people that succeed from the ones that don't, but I have found what I believe to be the biggest ones.

First though, let’s qualify what success is, because too often it’s unfortunately misconstrued as financial wealth. Don’t get me wrong, while financial wealth can be a signal of success, it’s not the definition of it. Instead, I look at the alternative definition given in the dictionary: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

The broader definition of success allows us to understand that success is completely relative and can be achieved in other aspects of life other than business. But the core qualities to achieve success in any field are often the same.From my experience, highly successful people always do these three things:

#1. Don’t take no for an answer.

We've been taught our entire life that once you are told “No”, you should nod your head, obey, and follow along... This type of thinking...

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