4 Things I Learned About Music Distribution as an Independent Artist

creator toolkit music Dec 08, 2017

I often get asked questions about being an independent artist. Below are some of the most popular ones!

1) How has independent music distribution become easier, and why does this benefit artists?

Independent music distribution has become much easier as artist-created platforms have risen up to fulfill the traditional services provided by record labels. For example, I do all my direct distribution through a platform called DistroKid. DistroKid allows me to pay one small fee per year to get my songs licensed and distributed to all the major music stores online. Only $19.99 a year!! Furthermore, DistroKid sends me a monthly check with 100 percent of the royalties I'm owed from online music sales and streaming. There is another site called Soundrop that does the same stuff as DistroKid, except for a fee of $9.99 for every song you are trying to distribute. I've done the calculations, and if you are making $80 or less per year from online music sales, Soundrop is the better option for...

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